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Quality Competitor Products


The In Home PT Machine is a product that provides a varied resistance exercise platform for all ages and strength levels.

The Dragonfly provides a handcycle  attachment to your manual wheelchair

The Flexiciser provides a stationary aerobic and range of motion exercise for legs and arms.

The GameCycle is an interactive stationary handcycling emulator that was developed with federal grants and tested by Veterans Administration researchers.

The new VitaGlide provides a graded resistance aerobic upper body workout for wheelchair users that incorporates exercise quantification like most walking/jogging treadmills and stair stepper devices.

Rehadapt Mounting provides an assortment of accessory holding products for mobile and stationary platforms. 

Tray table and stackable holders

Daessy Mounts are very strong and used on many mobile and stationary platforms.

CJT Mounting provides an assortment of strong mounting options for mobile and stationary platforms.

HandiTasker makes the most stable lightweight table for the most demanding wheelchair firearms competitors.

ADA Lap provides a portable adjustable tray table that is conveniently held in place by your seat cushion and just as easily removed when not needed.

Livingeazy  provides a tube clamp mounted easily cleaned strong and lightweight tray table with convenient cup holder. 

Mount'n Mover  fabricates high end uniquely articulated multi-joint arms for all mobile platforms requiring strong accessible tables and holders for a variety of purposes.