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Hitch'n Roll

"Rugged Wheeled Mobility Accessories for Exercise, Work and Play"


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A Big Texas Howdy from our Founder and his mini-minions!

  • Take your time, look at the Photo Gallery below and see if there is something you could use or tell us about an idea for something that you need to enhance your wheeled mobility life.  

  • Your wheeled mobility is your home away from home; Hitch'n Roll makes bringing along your needed accessories, changing them out or taking them off when not needed an easy task for you or your caregiver.  

  • Our current portfolio of premium rugged accessories incorporate tried and proven quality products from around the world mounted onto our lifetime guarantee "Made in Austin" patent pending adapters. 


Our mission is to help keep you mobile, active and well informed.

Our founder's personal need for rugged mobile accessories has fueled our products' development.

A simple secure quick-release mechanism

Our power chair seat-rail track mount and manual wheelchair hitchball mount holders facilitate single handed insertions and extractions for all your accessory needs with minimal effort.

Our mechanism mounts a variety of accessories

Our quick-release mounting system enables you to put just about anything on your manual wheelchair or powerchair so you can keep your hands free for propulsion, navigation, drinking or texting. 

About Us

Founder and Texas State Manufacturing Engineering Students


Our Founder, Christopher Stanford,  is the inventor of the Hitch'n Roll quick release adapter and has used a manual wheelchair since his 1988 spinal cord injury while serving as an Air Force Engineering Officer.  He has personally funded all collaborative university research, design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing optimization in order to facilitate and accelerate product development without the aid of federal grant or private investor funding. He also desires that this website inform the wheeled mobility community about legislative advocacy, health & fitness topics, technology advances and quality competitor products.

Faculty Collaborators

We have drawn upon the expertise of faculty from both Texas State University at San Marcos and the University of Texas at Austin from the Engineering and Physical Therapy Departments, most notably  Professors Asiabanpour, Stapleton,  Fernandez, Crawford , Valvano and Gobert.

Student Researchers

Numerous senior engineering students from the Manufacturing & Electrical Engineering Departments at Texas State University and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Departments at UT Austin have participated with our founder's R&D over the past decade. Courtney, Benjamin, Ryan and Casey (pictured with Founder) comprised a recent Manufacturing Engineering team.

Manufacturing Partners

The easy to use 3D software and timely quality CNC manufacturing capabilities of eMachineShop have enabled us to achieve affordable low volume production of our patent pending Hitch'n Roll adapters. Local machinists Delbert Johnston and Joe Pieczynski have provided critique, suggestions and potential fabrication services.

Beta Testers

The San Antonio support groups, Rolling Inspiration, Texas Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, and  Texas Disabled Veterans have supplied many brave beta testers for our products. Their evaluations and constructive criticisms over the past year have been an invaluable resource for our products' development, refinement and vetting as well as an indispensable assessment of our patent's commercialization value.

Business Development

The volunteers from the Austin SCORE and ProductCampAustin have provided informative seminars and one-on-one sessions to facilitate our startup's business development. Our company's product portfolio and growth are driven by satisfied customers like you!

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We build accessories that exceed expectations

Let us enhance the quality of your wheeled mobility life with simple easy mount accessories. 

Hitch'n Roll

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