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Wheelchair Compatibility

  • Our Hitch'n Roll hitchball accessory holder will fit onto most manual wheelchairs with circular tubes having 7/8", 1", 1-1/4" and 1-3/8" diameters as we utilize similarly sized bicycle stem mounts.  Our powerchair accessory holders fit onto the 6mm or 8mm seat side-rail tracks of most manufacturers. We require knowledge of the make and model of your wheelchair in order to make definitive compatibility decisions prior to sales as we do not wish to sell you something that will not work for you.


  • We recognize the frustration that many wheelchair users encounter with mechanical installations requiring manual dexterity.  Our detailed instructional video enables any bicycle shop mechanic in the world to properly install your hitchball in about 20 minutes. The powerchair side-rail track mount installation may require someone familiar with track mount systems, although bicycle mechanics could probably also perform this installation using bicycle size bolts.

  • There have been many advancements in the design of manual wheelchairs over the past decades, including utilization of modern bicycle frame and wheel technologies. Many clinicians responsible for prescribing wheelchairs may not be aware of the latest technologies. Additionally your medical insurance provider may restrict your prescribed equipment to an approved vendor list or price restriction that prevents acquisition of a chair that truly meets your specific needs.

  • Ergonomic seating; efficient handrim gripping for propulsion; wheel size, tread & camber; front caster size & style; back support & angle; outdoor stability; ease of transport; frame weight;  and replacement part availability & serviceability are just a few of the  important things to consider. Choose wisely as your chair is YOUR mobility NOT your clinician's.  We hope our site will help you become a more knowledgeable and discerning consumer. Look at the "Manual Wheelchair Manufacturers & Technology" heading below to learn more about the latest manual wheelchair technology offerings of current manufactures.

Manual Wheelchair Manufacturers & Technology


PDG Mobility  is a Canadian company with very ergonomic tilt chair seating.

TopEnd  is an Invacare line of chairs and handcycles for everyday and sport.

Eagle Sports Chairs is an established Georgia company focused on custom sport, court and athletic chairs 

Ki Mobility is a Wisconsin company with an Interesting take on folding frame chairs that feel like rigid frames

Quickie is one of the original sport chair builders that was aquired by Sunrise Medical

Triumph Mobility is a Canadian company with innovative style and performance.


Per4Max is a Texas company with focus on athletic performance and innovation.

Icon Wheelchairs is a Canadian company unique trike and chair products.

Carbon Black is a Scottish based company producing a carbon composite chair with a truly modern unibody look and function

Proactiv is a German company with outstanding engineering, style, quality and innovation, including accessories such as a clear acrylic tray table. 

Kuschall is a Swiss company that was innovating in the 70's with sleek frame manual chairs for everyday.

Bike-on is a Rhode Island catalog company focused on the athletically inclined for chairs, handcycles and accessories from numerous sources.  They also sell many exercise competitors to our Hitch'n Roll Gym. 

Low mount hitchball

Lasher Sport  was an Alaskan icompany that relocated to Vegas with an assortment of rugged all-terrain chairs and handcycles and everyday chairs that exceed expectations with lightweight magnesium alloy tubing. 

Box Wheelchairs is a Texas company that definitely thinks outside and far beyond the box with a unique rugged design concept and custom fabrication.

Tilite is a Washington company purchased by Permobil that originally focused on titanium frames that need no paint and have a strength and durability unmatched by aluminum.

Colours Wheelchairs is a California company that is definitely appealing with style and function to a more youth-centric market

SportAid  is a Georgia catalog vendor of many wheelchairs and accessories for wheelchair users. They also sell many exercise competitors to our Hitch'n Roll Gym.

SpinLife  is a major catalog vendor that sells all things for the disability market. They also sell many exercise competitors to our Hitch'n Roll Gym.

Hitchball placement on angled tube

Grit Freedom is a three wheeled all-terrain wheelchair developed by MIT students for non-industrialized countries that has been enhanced for the US market.

Progeo Wheelchairs are as sleek, stylish and sophisticated as you would expect from an Italian designed product with distributors throughout Australia.

Melrose Wheelchairs is Fresno based company that fabricates customized athletic chairs.

Frog Legs is an Iowa based company focused on innovative wheelchair front suspension forks and caster wheels. Our founder uses twin casters on his outdoor chair.

The Freewheel is an add-on front wheel for manual wheelchairs that facilitates propulsion and manuvering on rough terrain. Our founder uses this at his farm.

Motion Composites is a Canadian company the produces an outstanding lightweight carbon composite tube frame manual wheelchairs upon which our hitchball adapter receivers may mounted.