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Aluminum Hitchball Holder

Lightweight aluminum hitchball adapter receiver that mounts onto your tube frame wheelchairchair via a bike stem mount. The hitchball receiver is designed to stay on your wheelchair permanently and used for exercise and other accessory  holding purposes. 

Powerchair Track Holder

Lightweight polymer adapter receiver for powerchair seat rails is designed to minimize friction and facilitate single handed extraction.

Hitch'n Roll Gym

Hitch'n Roll Gym requires two strong hitchball adapter receivers for your manual wheelchair frame in order to accommodate the larger forces generated by the  resistance mechanisms.

Electronic Device Holders

These comprise metal flex cable, custom length polymer flex cables, camera mono-poles and various multi-stage paint pole extensions mounted with appropriately sized electronic holder adapters.

Stackable Holders

Various sizes of bicycle bottle cages accommodate an assortment of accessory holder needs from beverage bottles to small oxygen tanks.

Cup/Utility Holders

These stainless steel marine holders are utilized for a variety of holding purposes and can be additionally mounted with a phone holder.

Customized Hitchballs

Personalize your hitchballs with an embedded 1" round veteran insignia, athletic token, coin or Texas state seal !

Umbrella/Fishing/Bag Holders

These three holders are all fishing pole holders, however users have ascribed them for different purposes.

Aluminum Basket

Exceptionally useful, lightweight and durable  aluminum bicycle basket that comes with a hot & cold case affords many  uses.

Nylon Tray Table for Power and Manual Chairs

 Lightweight nylon fishing table that is perfect as an easy to clean food or painter's  tray that comes mounted with a cup holder and optional space for electronic devices.

Stainless Bowling Ball Holder

Our unique bowling ball holder can be used for a variety other utility holding purposes.

Rifle and Gun Holders

Mono-pole OR curved arm with adjustable base angle, both include adjustable height.

Accessory Holder & Gym Prices

Residents of Texas add 8.25% sales tax unless prescribed

Accessory Prices

Residents of Texas add 8.25% sales tax unless prescribed